Life Coach School Reviews

Life Coach

There are many different life coach schools out there. Some offer specialized training like health coaching. Others are more general. There are also online trainings.Life Coach

Brooke Castillo is a popular podcaster who runs a Life Coach School program that brings in millions of dollars. She started her business after struggling with depression. Checkout Life Coach School Reviews for more details.

The premise of this program is that thoughts produce feelings and actions that lead to results. Brooke Castillo created the model to help people take control of their lives and achieve the results they want. The course is designed to teach coaches how to use the model with their clients.

The program is self-paced, so students can complete it as quickly as they wish. It also offers one-on-one coaching sessions with instructors to provide students with the experience they need to become successful coaches. Students are required to submit recordings of their coaching sessions and pass an exam to be certified. The certification process takes place over a three-month period.

While the program is expensive, it offers a unique training opportunity and lifetime benefits. Additionally, the course is taught by a respected life coach with a track record of success.

This course is ICF-accredited, meaning it meets the standards set by the International Coaching Federation. It teaches coaches how to build a profitable business and how to coach people on specific issues. It is a good option for people who are interested in earning an associate’s degree in life coaching.

While the course is a great choice for those looking to make a career as a life coach, it is not ideal for beginners. The program teaches a coaching style that prioritizes addressing the root cause of an issue rather than treating the symptoms. For example, it teaches coaches to support their clients with a variety of emotions, including overwhelm, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, the program does not include lessons on how to handle difficult situations such as abusive relationships or suicidal thoughts. The course also uses triggering language in its feedback and encourages coaches to use a “spiritual” approach to the client’s situation.

Emotional Childhood/Adulthood

During the middle and late stages of childhood, children are able to develop the capacity for experiencing, understanding, expressing, and regulating emotions. This happens in conjunction with neural, cognitive, and behavioral development. It also emerges within a particular social and cultural context.

Emotional neglect occurs when caregivers don’t respond adequately to a child’s emotional needs, and it can differ in both cause and severity. Caregivers who don’t take the time to listen to a child’s feelings or who devalue their emotions by using phrases like “crybaby” can teach a child that their emotions aren’t valid or important. This form of emotional neglect is different from physical or sexual abuse, and it may be unintentional.

A person who has experienced childhood emotional neglect may struggle to regulate their emotions as an adult. They might have difficulty communicating their feelings to others, leading to misunderstandings and conflict in relationships. They might also have problems with low self-esteem, which can make them feel insecure or worthless. They might turn to maladaptive coping mechanisms, such as relying on people who aren’t good for them or using addictive behaviors such as shopping, porn, risky sex, or drugs and alcohol.

Brooke Castillo is a life coach who has gained fame for her popular podcast, and her for-profit coaching school has garnered even more attention. Her advice is both honest and helpful, and her podcast is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their own lives. However, her program is expensive and misleading; she charges $21k for a course that provides no more content than she gives away for free on her podcast. She also has broken numerous promises to provide lifetime benefits for her coaches, which is a huge red flag.

The Manual

Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School is a popular training program that has received a lot of attention. It is a self improvement and coaching training program that is generating millions of dollars in income for its creator, Brooke Castillo. She is a popular podcast host and her advice on personal development has garnered her a massive following. Her podcast regularly ranks among the top business podcasts on iTunes. Her advice on self regulation and emotional control is accessible and direct. She sounds like a no-nonsense big sister who wants to help people be the best version of themselves.

Life Coach School teaches its coaches how to use the manual, known as CTFAR (Circumstances, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Results). This model is used in coaching sessions to help clients manage their emotions. It is said that mastering this model can help people literally solve any problem. Emotional Childhood/Adulthood is another part of the program that teaches students how to control their emotions so they can teach their clients how to do the same. The last portion of the training is Outcome And Goal Cultivation and Belief System Navigation. This teaches coaches how to help their clients develop new beliefs and make sure that their goals are reached.

If you are interested in becoming a certified life coach, you will need to complete a three month training course and pass an exam. You will also be required to submit recordings of yourself coaching your clients. Additionally, there are group calls held every month and live events throughout the year where you can network and learn more about coaching. Moreover, you will receive training that will assist you in developing a profitable coaching business and creating a marketing plan.

Outcome And Goal Cultivation

Having clear and meaningful goals will help your clients to achieve their desired outcomes. It will also motivate them to persist with activities over time because they will have a greater sense of purpose. Goals can be specific or vague, and they may be related to your client’s values or their personal development. Ideally, your client’s goals will be challenging, and you should encourage them to develop a plan of action for achievement. For example, a client who wants to feel more fulfilled in their job could set the objective of finding a new one, and then create a plan to help them make that happen.

Founded by Brooke Castillo, a self-help author who saw life coaching on Oprah, Life Coach School (LCS) has risen to prominence with a for-profit certification program that costs about the same as a year of college. Castillo, who has an undergraduate degree in psychology, sounds like a no-nonsense big sister who wants the best for her students.

LCS doesn’t offer a formal accreditation from the International Coaching Federation, but it does teach a unique approach to coaching that allows coaches to identify and resolve underlying issues rather than simply treat symptoms. It is known as “The Model” and uses the CTFAR model of Circumstances, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Results to solve problems.

Once a student completes the program, they receive access to a site where they can learn more about being a life coach and network with other coaches. They are invited to monthly group calls and live events throughout the year. They can also participate in mastermind workshops with Castillo and other coaches. In addition to these benefits, they can also receive a six-month membership with Get Coached in Scholars, which includes coaching sessions and call recordings.

Belief System Navigation

During this part of the course, students learn how to install new beliefs in their clients’ minds, ensuring that their objectives are met. They also learn how to help them focus on the present instead of their past and create a better future. Another important part of this section is teaching them how to regulate their emotions. Many people rely on drinking and eating to cope with depression. Students will also be taught how to train their clients to feel love on demand. This is an essential tool for those who are struggling to build relationships.

The life coach school teaches its students how to identify and avoid unhealthy patterns that develop in their early relationships.

Mold Testing And Inspection

mold testing

Musty odors, suspected mold growth, or the presence of black stains on wood are all reasons to conduct a mold inspection. Depending on the findings, the inspector will recommend remediation and/or prevention.

A mold inspector should first moisture-map the entire property. Moisture is essential for mold growth, and the inspector should identify areas of elevated moisture. If you don’t have time to wait, contact Axios Home Inspection for an estimate!   

mold testingDetection

Mold inspections are typically performed by inspectors who specialize in environmental assessments and often have certifications and experience with mold assessment and remediation. They may use a variety of tools, including moisture meters, cameras specialized swabs, and testing methods.

The first step in a mold inspection is to perform a visual walk-through of the house and look for visible signs of mold growth. The inspector will also note any dampness or odors that might be present. The inspector should look especially hard at places that are more prone to mold growth, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and crawl spaces.

A professional inspector will also conduct a moisture mapping survey of the property. This involves checking areas around doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, and HVAC air handlers to determine if there is a high level of moisture in the building materials. If the inspection reveals a high level of moisture in these areas, the inspector will likely recommend sampling.

There are two standard types of mold sampling: non-viable and viable. Non-viable sampling simply identifies the presence of mold spores, while viable sampling cultures the sample to identify live and dead spores, as well as the specific species of mold present. The type of sample chosen by the inspector will depend on the specific situation and the time frame.

It’s important to note that not all fungi are harmful, and some spores may even be beneficial to the home. This is why a professional must interpret the results of a mold test and recommend any remediation steps, if necessary.

If a person believes they have a fungus problem, they can purchase a home testing kit. These kits usually include Petrie dishes that people place in their homes where they suspect mold to collect spores over 24 hours. The results are then evaluated by the manufacturer and can be compared to the results of a professional testing company.

Before the appointment, the homeowner should close all windows and doors and avoid vacuuming or heavy cleaning. This allows the maximum number of spores to accumulate and makes it easier for the inspector to detect them. It’s also a good idea to turn off the HVAC system two hours before the inspection. This will help prevent the HVAC system from circulating the spores throughout the home, diluting them and making them more difficult to detect.


Mold testing is an important tool for determining if a property has a significant problem. However, it should never be used as a replacement for a thorough visual inspection.

During the sampling process, an inspector will use a variety of methods to collect spores for analysis. Depending on the type of testing, the results can take several days to a few weeks. Some of the standard types of tests include ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) and DNA testing.

Both ERMI and DNA testing can determine the presence of mold, but they don’t necessarily identify the species of mold or provide information on how much is present in the air. Ideally, the best way to test for a specific mold is through surface sampling. This can be done with a bulk, tape lift, or swab sample. Using a swab sample allows for the identification of both live and dead spores, but can be difficult to get a representative sample in contaminated areas.

Surface samples can be taken from several surfaces, including walls, floors, and furniture. They can also be used to identify the type of mold growth and how widespread it is. These samples can be invasive, however, so an inspector should always exercise extreme care and caution.

Mold can be found in all occupied indoor spaces, and even when it is not visible, it can often be detected by smell or by the presence of mold spores in the air. Mold spores are ubiquitous, and many of them pose no health risk. However, some of them can produce one or more substances called mycotoxins, which are toxic to living tissue. These mycotoxins can cause a range of health effects from mild to severe, and in some cases can be life-threatening.

While it is possible to purchase home DIY kits for conducting mold testing, professional testers use more precise techniques and labs than those available in a typical residential setting. They can also offer detailed reports of the findings. In addition to identifying the presence of mold, a professional mold inspector can recommend procedures for remediation and prevention.


A mold inspection should include a careful, visual examination of all accessible areas of the house. It should also look for sources of moisture. Mold growth is associated with moisture, and unless the source of moisture is found and eliminated, the mold will continue to grow.

A good home inspector can use his or her training and experience to identify likely sources of moisture. These can include wet drywall, water leaks, ceiling damage, and condensation on windows and walls. If a potential source of moisture is identified, the inspector should recommend appropriate testing and/or remediation.

During the inspection, the inspector should wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as goggles, a respirator, gloves, and a Tyvek suit. Samples of air, spores, and surfaces may be collected for laboratory analysis. If surface sampling is conducted, a sample size of at least 30 square feet should be taken. Samples can be collected using several methods, including bulk sampling, which involves collecting bulk materials such as drywall or insulation and analyzing them for the presence of mold. Bulk sampling is often more effective than surface sampling, but it can be expensive and invasive.

While a mold test can indicate whether or not there is a significant problem, it cannot tell the inspector how severe the problem is. The type of mold present, how many spores are present and an individual’s health status combine to determine the extent to which a mold problem poses a health risk.

Some people interpret equivocal or negative test results as proof that no mold problem exists. While it is a serious mistake to ignore a possible problem, it is equally dangerous to assume that a problem does not exist because tests fail to detect it. A professional mold inspector is trained to find places where mold is hidden, such as behind walls, in crawl spaces, or inside HVAC grates. This is important because a mold infestation can spread quickly. It is not uncommon for a small amount of mold to turn into a full-scale infestation in just 48 hours. Mold spores are constantly being released into the air and settling on damp surfaces, making them easy to spread.


Once mold growth is detected, a remediation plan needs to be developed. The most important step is to determine the source of the moisture. A home inspector can use a moisture meter to find the source of the problem, or they may need to damage drywall or paneling to get a closer look. Once the source of the moisture is identified, it can be repaired and steps can be taken to prevent future mold growth.

Remediation can be done on a DIY basis if the mold is easily visible, but more extensive problems will need to be addressed by a professional mold inspection and remediation company. A good home inspection company will also have the equipment needed to clean up and prevent future mold growth, including industrial fans to help air out rooms that have been contaminated with mold spores.

Mold accumulation can lead to health issues for those who live in the home and decrease the value of the property. If a home is on the market, having a mold test performed can help reassure potential buyers that the property is free from a serious problem that can be expensive to remedy.

A professional mold inspector will know how to test for a variety of different types of mold and will have the equipment needed to take samples in hard-to-reach places, such as behind walls and inside HVAC ductwork. They will also know how to safely and effectively use a variety of tools, including a hygrometer, a thermal imaging camera, and a moisture meter.

A professional mold inspector will follow industry best practices when testing for mold in a home. If you suspect that you have a mold problem in your home, or are concerned about buying a house with potential mold problems, contact an experienced inspector to schedule a test and inspection today. A full-service residential and commercial mold inspection and mold testing company that uses the most advanced technology in the industry to provide clients with safe, healthy living environments. Call us today to schedule a mold inspection for your home or office!

How Plumbing Services Can Prevent Drain Clogs


Plumbing systems are crucial to homes and buildings for providing water, taking away waste, and regulating indoor climate. Clearwater Plumbing specializes in installing and repairing these systems.Plumbing

They use their knowledge to ensure that these systems function properly and efficiently for occupants’ comfort and safety. Some of the plumbing services they offer include drain cleaning, sewer line inspection, and water heater repair.

Drain clogs are one of the most common reasons homeowners call plumbers. They can be caused by food scraps, hair, grease, toilet paper, and other debris that collects in the pipes. Over time, this can worsen the clogs and create more serious plumbing issues like leaks or flooding. The best way to prevent clogs is to have your drains regularly cleaned by a professional. Plumbing services typically use a hydro-jetter that uses powerful water pressure to scours the inside of your pipes, clearing away any gunk and leaving your drains flowing smoothly.

It’s also important to look at online customer reviews when choosing a plumbing service. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from the company and whether or not they have a history of reliable work. Many people find that reading these reviews can help them make the best decision about which plumber to hire.

Another important thing to consider is how much the plumbing service will charge for their work. Every company has a different method of charging for their services, so it’s important to understand how they will bill you before agreeing to work with them. This will ensure that you don’t end up with any unexpected surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

There are few things more frustrating than a clogged drain or toilet. These problems can ruin your night and cause a lot of stress. It’s important to get them fixed as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your home again.

You may have tried to fix your clogged drains using DIY tools such as drain cleaners or a plunger, but these are rarely effective. In fact, in some cases they can even damage your pipes by causing them to break down or crack. The only way to fix a serious drain problem is by calling a professional plumbing service. They will have the equipment and knowledge needed to get your drains back up and running in no time. They will also be able to diagnose any problems with your drains and recommend any necessary repairs.

Main Sewer Line Cleaning

The main sewer line, sometimes called the sanitary sewer line, is a pipe that runs from your home to the city connection or septic tank. Everything that goes down your sinks, tubs and toilets drains through this pipe. When it becomes clogged, it can affect all of the plumbing fixtures in your home.

There are several things that can cause a clog in the main sewer line. One is that there is a large chunk of debris in the line. Another is that the line has become misaligned or cracked, which can allow tree roots to enter. If you notice that your toilets are backing up or sewage is coming out of the lowest part of your home, then it is time to call a plumber for main line cleaning.

A plumber will use a camera inspection to determine what is causing the issue. Once they know what is causing the clog, then they can figure out the best solution to fix it. Often times, this involves hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is a high-pressure water treatment that can clear most types of clogs. It works by pushing the clog out of the pipe and into the drain system.

It is a faster, more effective way to clean out the pipes. In addition, it is less invasive than digging up and replacing the entire sewer line.

A clogged main sewer line can be very dangerous to your health and your property. It is important to have it cleaned regularly by a professional plumber to avoid costly repair bills in the future.

The main sewer line is usually made from 4” PVC pipe material. However, older pipes may be made from cast iron or clay. These materials can corrode over time and lead to problems in your home. It is a good idea to get your main lines flushed with hydro jetting every other year. This will help prevent clogs, keep your pipes in great shape and prolong their lifespan. Also, if you have a septic tank, this will prevent clogs and backups in your home as well.

Clogged Pipes

A drain clog is one of the most common plumbing problems that plumbers deal with on a regular basis. Clogged pipes aren’t just inconvenient for homeowners – they can also cause major damage if left unchecked.

Your drain lines are configured a bit like your body’s arteries and veins, with your main line sending waste to the sewer system and your sink and toilet drains taking wastewater and waste away from individual fixtures. All of these lines are interconnected, so a clog in one can lead to water backing up into fixtures in other parts of the house.

Most of us know not to flush things down the drain that aren’t meant for there, but some things that end up in drains still surprise even experienced homeowners. For instance, oil and grease can congeal inside your drains to form a clog. Likewise, hair, animal fur and other stringy materials can tie up in bathroom drains and cause major issues over time.

You might be able to clear minor clogs with your hands or a wire snake, but more serious blockages will require professional help. A plumber can use a camera to identify the source of the problem, and then use various methods to break up or remove it. For example, a plumber may feed a long cable with a hook or auger down the drain to snag and pull out the clog.

Clogged showers and bathtubs are usually caused by hair, soap scum, toothpaste and other bathroom products. Clogged kitchen drains are typically caused by food scraps, fats, oils and other kitchen items that build up in the pipes. And clogged floor drains in basements and utility rooms are often caused by dirt, hair and other debris that builds up over time.

While a clogged toilet can seem like the most obvious issue to call a plumber for, clogged drains in other parts of your home are just as important. For example, if you notice that the water in your bathtub or shower takes forever to drain, it’s likely due to a blocked or slow-moving drain.

Water Heater Repair

A faulty plumbing system can lead to chaos in your home. It can affect your daily routine and make life miserable for you and your family. This is why people often look for professional plumbing services at the earliest to get their issues fixed. They are also available round-the-clock to help you in any emergency situation.

Some common plumbing problems include dripping faucets, clogged drains, and water heater repair. These issues can be a pain in the neck, but they are usually not very serious and can be easily resolved with professional help. However, many people tend to ignore these issues and try to fix them themselves, which can aggravate the problem and result in more expensive repairs later on.

The best way to prevent these problems is by regularly checking and maintaining your plumbing system. Getting regular inspections and cleaning services can ensure that everything is working fine and you are not facing any major issues in the near future. This will not only save you from costly repairs but will also keep your home healthy and safe.

Most residential plumbers offer a range of services to their clients, including toilet repair and leak detection. They can also handle emergency situations like a flooded bathroom or broken sewer line. Most of these plumbers have specialized equipment and tools for such tasks, which can reduce the risk of damage to your property.

One of the most important plumbing services is water heater repair. It is crucial to have a functional water heater, as it provides hot water for washing and bathing. Moreover, it is also used for cooking and other household chores. If your water heater is leaking or not heating up properly, you should call a plumber immediately. A faulty dip tube may cause problems with your water heater, as it will not allow cool water to be drawn off and mixed with the hot water. Replacing this part is easy and inexpensive, but it is essential to your water heater’s functioning. Moreover, a leak from the pressure valve can be very dangerous to your health and should be repaired immediately.

Make Your Neighbors Jealous With These Home Improvement Project Ideas

No matter what your plans are for your home, you should always want to make it better. Even simple projects can have a big impact on the value of your home’s value. This article goes into the different techniques used to upgrade your home.

If you are thinking of purchasing a home, hire an inspector. A third party is a great way to keep the process civil.

Build an interesting and unusual addition to your home for some class or sophistication.A wine cellar or a library are wonderful spaces in any home. This will certainly impress guests and have an elegant place to live.

Work on the most obvious areas when doing home first. Potential buyers will go by what they can see, and having unsightly things such as cracked and peeling paint or a yard overgrown with weeds can be a cause for them to walk from a good deal. While it is true that some of the most important improvements are not obvious, you must focus on the ones that are if you’re selling your home.

Do your own homework if you can’t afford an interior designer. A single idea from a picture in a home magazine layout can inspire the inspiration for your home. You can also find these magazine pages for some great do-it-yourself projects.

If you find a leak under a sink or in your tap, avoid fixing it yourself. Just put a container under the leak that will hold the runoff and get in touch with a qualified plumber.

Don’t ever forget that good home remodeling projects can be a wonderful asset to your home. It may only take you one weekend to accomplish. You should now be much more knowledgeable on how to begin making improvements to your home. Just pick one and start working.


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Kitchen Remodeling: From Countertops to Sink Options

Kitchen remodeling is usually at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists. According to legal experts across the nation, it’s also a leading cause of consumer complaints, resulting in a 20% increase in kitchen-related injuries compared to the prior year. Before you start your kitchen remodeling project, it’s always a good idea to start by checking out your contractor’s references. If you have any acquaintances who’ve had experience with remodeling their kitchens, get in touch with them.

kitchen remodeling

In most homes, the kitchen remodeling project usually involves the replacement of old kitchen equipment and fixtures. As appliances and other major household components age, their functionality declines. It may be time to update your kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, stovetops, and cabinets. As with countertops and appliances, the materials used for kitchen remodeling can affect your overall cost and timeline. Metal, stainless steel, laminate, wood, tile, and concrete are typical materials used to upgrade your kitchen.

Countertops are among the most expensive parts of a kitchen renovation project. It’s best to replace older countertops with new ones. As for countertops’ age, they tend to crack, warp, stain, and attract odor. As a result, homeowners spend more money repairing minor problems than replacing their entire countertop. To keep your costs down, homeowners should install under-counter heating and water systems; install a new water-handling system; and replace any outdated, deteriorating appliances.

Granite countertops are among the most popular choices for kitchen remodels. They’re durable, attractive, and come in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns. In addition, they’re one of the most affordable alternatives to installing granite countertops. Homeowners can upgrade their kitchens by replacing their old, outdated, and unattractive cabinetry with new, more contemporary, and modern cabinet options. For even more value and convenience, install a kitchen island with a sink, built-in stove, and refrigerator.

When it comes to adding value and convenience to your kitchen remodeling project, adding new cabinets is an excellent idea. Choose cabinet options that match your cabinets and appliances. Keep in mind that you’ll also need new under-counter cabinets, as well as new faucets and fixtures. With these simple additions, homeowners can upgrade their kitchens while saving money.

If you want to remodel but don’t want to replace or repair your cabinetry or countertops, one of the best investments you can make is to upgrade appliances. Appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators are usually one of the biggest expenses in remodeling a kitchen. When you update your stove, you’ll increase your convenience and efficiency, as well as increase the value of your home. When you remodel by replacing your stove, it’s also important to upgrade appliances to match the new stove.

While remodeling your kitchen isn’t always easy or quick, the finished product will be your dream kitchen and a boost to your property value. It’s always important to plan to remodel carefully and thoroughly. Talk to local remodeling companies about the different options available and ask for professional estimates. It’s wise to budget the cost of your project and to think carefully about how long it will take to complete.

Some homeowners want their kitchens to look like they’ve completely changed the building. Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular ways to upgrade the appearance of a home. Whether you are updating your cabinets, your countertops, or your appliances, these projects can be relatively easy and affordable. There are many different types of remodeling jobs that can give your kitchen the makeover you’re looking for. For even more ideas, visit your local kitchen stores or speak with home improvement experts.

Countertops are an affordable alternative to more expensive kitchen designs. Homeowners can update traditional countertops to marble, granite, or quartz with a simple paint or stain job. Remodeling your countertop will add value to your home as well as convenience. Tile is another option for remodeling. Choose from ceramic, porcelain, and stainless steel tiles to accent your tile.

When it comes to appliances, some homeowners are hesitant to make changes. In order to remodel your appliances, you may need to replace your stove or refrigerator. If you really need to replace your stove or refrigerator, talk to a kitchen designer to find out which items you really need to have around. Changing your oven is also an option for some homeowners.

Fixtures such as stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances can be updated by a kitchen remodeling contractor as well. Countertops and sink designs can be changed as well as cabinet options. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, talk to a contractor who offers these services. There are many options for homeowners who want to do a little updating or more.